Contacts for projects submission in the respective areas
together with a description of your project
please send your details and phone numbers in order to be contacted
Early stage era.factory@erakapital.eu
Small and medium sized enterprize (SMEs) mktg@erakapital.eu
Design & fashion, lifestyle , art & architecture, new urbanism and mobility - ERA Kreativ-Industrie ea@erakapital.eu
Turnaround, re-focus and new business units, project financing advisor@erakapital.eu
Organizational design & working with our portfolio companies human.kapital@erakapital.eu
Impact investing seed@erakapital.eu
Co-investing with ERA Kapital finance@erakapital.eu
Bonds & fundraising finance@erakapital.eu
NOTE: please do not submit projects through social networks where we are not active.